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5 Thoughtful Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Show Your Appreciation

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Fathers day gift ideas in Singapore

Father’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the unsung heroes in our lives—the men who have embraced fatherhood in various roles, be they biological dads, stepfathers, or close family friends. So, as we draw close to the 16th of June, it’s time we reciprocate their love and express our gratitude by curating a gift just for them.

Here’s a guide to selecting a thoughtful Father’s Day gift that helps you say “thanks” in different thoughtful ways.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #1: For The Active Dad

For dads who love staying active, whether it’s hitting the gym, cycling, or any outdoor activities, classic gifts that cater to their hobbies or interests are always a hit. Think sporting gear, the latest tech gadgets, or anything that supports their active lifestyle. 

This Father’s Day, why not complement his active lifestyle with a refreshing Pamper The Man gift box? Packed with essentials ranging from body cleansers to sleep masks, this curated gift box ensures your dad looks and feels his best after a long day of activities. 

Father’s Day Gift Idea #2: For The Health-Conscious Dad

For the dad who prioritises his health and well-being, there is no doubt that a high-quality fitness tracker to help him stay on top of his exercise goals or perhaps a set of premium organic teas to indulge in moments of relaxation will sweep him off his feet. But what if he already has all of these?

Our answer: there is always a curated gift box that will show just how much you care. 

The Immunity Boost gift box, for example, is ready to gift and all set to support his active lifestyle and nourish his body and soul. The box has an Eclipse hand sanitiser, endearment tea, a love candle, a mug, and vitamin C supplements so that Dad can continue to thrive in his health pursuits while feeling appreciated and cherished on his special day. 

Father’s Day Gift Idea #3: For The Sentimental Dad

For dads who thrive on emotional connections and heartfelt memories, it’s the personal touches that truly make their Father’s Day special. This is where handmade presents or even customised gift boxes filled with his favourite items can deepen the emotional resonance of your gift this Father’s Day

At Exclusively with Love, you can leverage our Gift Concierge Service that allows you to design a curated gift box tailored to your dad’s preferences and the distinct vision you have in mind.

Picture this: You’ve got the perfect gift in your head but zero time to hunt it down and deliver it. Or maybe you’ve got a theme brewing but no clue where to start sourcing the goodies. That’s where we step in.

Leave the legwork to us. Once you’ve sealed the deal with payment, we’ll take care of everything from purchasing to wrapping to doorstep delivery. Plus, if you’re after a little extra flair, as mentioned, we’ll even craft a bespoke, curated gift box tailored to your dad’s tastes. Because this Father’s Day, it’s all about elevating your gifting game without the hassle.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #4: For Dads Who Love Adventures and Staycations

Planning an adventure-filled day for your dad? Whether he’s embarking on a thrilling outdoor excursion or enjoying a relaxing staycation, Exclusively With Love has the perfect gift to complement his plans. The His Travel Essential gift box is a thoughtful choice that shows your care and concern for his well-being, no matter where his adventures take him.

For fathers who make their own kind of adventure at home or at staycay spots, you can make their day even more delightful. The His Staycation gift box is thoughtfully curated to provide a luxurious and rejuvenating experience right in the comfort of his own space. This gift box includes a range of pampering products, such as a body cleanser, body lotion, and a delightful body scrub in collagen boost mocha latte scent.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #5: For All the Dads and Other Father-Figures in Our Lives

Father's day gift ideas Singapore

Exclusively with Love offers a wide range of curated gift boxes in Singapore that cater to every father‘s taste and lifestyle. On his special day, give him our Chocolate Lovers gift box that comes with a ceramic mug and a variety of goodies such as the Eureka premium popcorn, Fossa chocolate honey orchid dancing hongcha, and more to make his day even sweeter. Alternatively, you can always create your own gift box for unrivalled levels of personalisation.

Say Thanks With a Gift This Father’s Day

Express your love and gratitude with “thank-you” gifts that speak directly to your Dad’s heart this Father’s Day. At Exclusively with Love, we provide perfectly curated gift boxes and other services to help you make your father figure feel more valued and appreciated on his special day.

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