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6 First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Spouse

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Completing the first year of marriage calls for a celebration. The first wedding anniversary is special for everyone and should be commemorated in a truly memorable way. As with any special occasion, the one-year anniversary celebration would be incomplete without a gift that marks the beginning of a new year together and reminds how beautiful the last year went.

However, you might feel pressured to come up with the perfect first-anniversary gift for your spouse.

To help you find a unique gift, we have listed the top five first wedding anniversary gift ideas.

1. Memory Box

One year has passed since your wedding while creating beautiful memories. Your first anniversary is the perfect time to relive those moments that made your first year exciting together. One of the best gifts that you can give to your spouse is the collection of memories you have created through the last year. You can DIY a memory box by adding all your favourite pictures, old letters, a pre-recorded message of how you feel on your anniversary, or anything else that reminds you of them and the times you spent together.

2. Jewellery

Jewellery makes for a beautiful first wedding anniversary gift for both husband and wife. On your 1-year anniversary, you can gift your wife an engraved necklace with her name or a message. You can pair it up with a beautiful dress that she can wear during the celebration of your first anniversary. If it is for your husband, you can buy a personalised ring or bracelet to surprise him on this special day.

3. Electronic Gadget

If your partner is a gadget lover, you can gift them the latest technology or a gadget they have wanted for a long time. This makes your one-year anniversary gift even more special, as this shows that you remember their wishlist even amidst the day-to-day hecticness of being a married couple. This can be a new smartphone, a camera, a smartwatch, or any appliance that you know they’ve been dreaming of for a while.

4. Flower Bouquet

Flowers make the best gift for any occasion. A flower bouquet is often presented to express emotions you can’t convey in words. The best part is that you can even pair it up with a curated gift box to make your first wedding anniversary more special. Just make sure to buy their favourite flowers and get them arranged beautifully. Surprise your partner with a curated gift box, and be ready to watch your partner’s face light up.

5. Photo Album

A photo album is considered one of the best first year anniversary gifts of all time. You can collect photos of the two of you throughout your first year of marriage so that the memories won’t fade even as time goes on. It would be better if you can arrange the photos chronologically to make it look like a beautiful journey. You can even DIY it by getting the hard copies of the photos, arranging them on your own and finally wrapping the album with a beautiful cover along with a personalised message.

Shop a Curated Gift Box for your First Anniversary Gift

If you are still not able to figure out what to gift to your significant other on your first anniversary, a curated gift box could be the perfect thoughtful gift for them.  At Exclusively with Love in Singapore, you can shop from our mindfully curated gift box collection that is designed to be suitable for every occasion.

If you want to go beyond a curated gift box to make it more special for your beloved, you can avail to  our concierge gift service in Singapore. If you know what to gift your spouse on your first anniversary, we can help you create a customised gift for your partner through our concierge gift service without much hassle. Contact us today to share your gifting ideas, and we will take care of the purchasing, wrapping, and delivery of your anniversary gift box to your selected location in Singapore. For more information, visit our FAQ page.

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