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7 Steps to Plan a Surprise Congratulations Party

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Every occasion in life needs to be celebrated, whether it’s milestones like engagements and weddings, welcoming a new baby, or buying a new house. In Singapore, July is graduation season, and amidst all the usual reasons to celebrate, you might also be planning to throw a congratulations party for the latest fresh graduate in your family.

Whatever the reason is, the party should be fun and full of excitement. To help you out with the planning, we have broken it down so that you can throw the best surprise congratulations party.

Decide the Date and Time

The planning for a surprise congratulations party should start with deciding on a date. Keep in mind the schedules of your expected guests, and how close the party will be to the event that you’re celebrating. After deciding the date, consider the time for the party – is it going to be a day celebration or an evening get-together? If you’re planning to surprise someone with the party, remember to make sure they can make it too.

Prepare a Guest List

The next thing you should tackle is who is going to be at the party. The size of the guest list depends on whether the congratulations party is going to be a close family affair or a grand one. Even if you’re planning a large-scale event, don’t forget to invite all the close friends and important acquaintances of the person for whom you are planning the surprise party.

Choose a Location

After fixing the date and time for the congratulations party, you need to find a location that is available for booking for the set date and time.

Search for venues depending on how many guests you are expecting at your party. If it is just a small get-together with only close ones involved, or if no venue is available for your selected date, you can host the party at your or any of your family members’ house. However, if your guest list goes above 20 pax, you can consider renting a bigger venue in advance.

Send Out Invitations

Now that the key details are fixed, it’s time to start sending out congratulations party invitations to the guests. Do this as soon as you can so that the guests have enough time to RSVP and plan and prepare for the party. You can send e-invites via WhatsApp or create a Facebook event to keep the guests updated with key information. You should also include details like what you are celebrating, date and time, venue, colour theme or dress code (if any) and RSVP on the invite.


Decorations are a must to create a celebratory atmosphere at the congratulations party, and how you decorate will depend on what you are celebrating. You can go for a theme matching the celebration or simply brighten up the space with simple banners, balloons, or other decor.


Food is the main highlight of any party, and once you have finalised the location and how many people are coming, you can start planning the food and drinks. Catering buffet-style food that is the easiest to manage if you don’t want to handle cooking or clean up, and you can have the menu catered specially for your event. Just make sure to include a variety of dishes to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences, and don’t forget to order a cake!

Congratulations Gifts 

Once you are done with all the planning and booking, now is the time to find out the best gift box to convey your congratulations. Nothing can beat the sincerity of a personalised or curated gift box that takes into consideration the preferences of the person you are going to gift it to. If you are busy being the best host of the party, you can even arrange for the delivery of your congratulations gift online, so you have one less item to worry about.

At Exclusively with Love, you can shop from our curated gift box collection that is thoughtfully curated and designed to be suitable for any occasion. Whether you want to congratulate a fresh grad or are planning for a birthday or anniversary celebration, our curated gift boxes are the perfect way to show the star of the day that you were thinking of them.

If you want to make it even more special, our concierge gift service in Singapore is perfect for when you know exactly what you want to gift to the person, but don’t have the time to get things ready. We can help you with the purchase, wrapping, and delivery of the personalised curated gift box which will include the items as per the recipient’s preference.

For more information, visit our FAQ page or contact us today.

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