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Company Swag Curated Gift Boxes for New Hires

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Company Swag Curated Gift Boxes for New Hires - Exclusively with Love

Welcome gifts for new hires are not just presents; they are tokens of appreciation, demonstrating a positive, friendly work environment. 

And in Singapore, company swag has become a popular way of giving curated gift boxes. After all, it is all about gifting new employees with branded merchandise or products, which subtly but effectively conveys the message that their contribution is valued. 

In this blog, we will delve into how you can leverage the power of curated gift boxes to make your new hires feel welcomed and appreciated. 

The Significance of Curated Welcome Gift Boxes

Welcome gifts are much more than a nice gesture; they’re a strategic tool that can significantly impact your new hires’ perception of your company. From the moment they receive their welcome gift, a tone is set. It makes new employees feel part of the team, which, in turn, boosts their productivity. 

Research by Brandon Hall Group shows that a positive onboarding experience can improve employee retention by up to 82%. As part of this experience, one could assume that company swag-curated gift boxes could play an essential role.

Unpacking the Concept of Company Swag

Company swag refers to branded merchandise or products given out by a company. Investing in a company swag gift box sends a clear message: your company values its employees and their contribution. 

It’s a tangible way to express gratitude and respect, creating a culture of appreciation that extends beyond the initial onboarding process. Company swag can also help strengthen your brand, as employees using branded items become ambassadors for your company in their daily lives.

Crafting Premium Corporate Gift Boxes

A curated gift box is premium when it’s personalised and thoughtful. Here’s how you can build a gift:

  • Select meaningful items: Consider your new hires’ needs and preferences. Useful, high-quality items like notebooks or mugs are a good start.
  • Incorporate your company branding: Remember to include items with your company’s logo or colours. It’s a subtle way to instil company pride and unity.
  • Presentation is key: Use a beautiful, reusable box. The unboxing experience is part of the gift itself.

For those in Singapore, you can easily find high-quality curated gift boxes available for purchase and customisation. If you’re pressed for time or unsure about what to include in your gift boxes, a gift concierge service, like that offered by Exclusively With Love, can be a game-changer. 

For the most time-efficient solution, consider ready-to-gift options. Many companies offer pre-curated gift boxes filled with high-quality items that can still give your employees a sense of appreciation and connection.

Giving Out Curated Gift Boxes in Your Company

Enhancing employee satisfaction and fostering a sense of camaraderie within your organisation can be achieved through thoughtful gestures, such as giving out curated gift boxes. To do this, start by assigning a team or individual responsible for the gift boxes. You can then decide on a budget per box and start sourcing items. For an even smoother process, consider a curated gift box delivery service.

Gift boxes are not only an excellent way to welcome new hires; they can serve other purposes. It can also be used as a congratulatory gift or as an impactful way to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. This gesture of recognising your employees’ hard work and dedication, in turn, strengthens your company culture and boosts morale.

Discover Company Swag Gift Boxes at Exclusively with Love

A well-curated gift box doesn’t just say, “We’re glad you’re here. Welcome aboard!” It also says, “We appreciate you, and we’re glad to have you as part of our team.” 

And while crafting the perfect gift box might seem like a daunting task, Exclusively with Love can make this process easier and more efficient. Once you have selected the gift items or informed us of the products you would like included in your company swag, we will source and package them for your employees, all while ensuring that the experience remains cost-effective.

Ready to create memorable gift boxes for your employees in Singapore? Reach out to us, and let’s make the gift-giving process hassle-free and delightful together.

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